VR: Smart Car
This is my internship project. We designed and prototyped future driving experience in VR.
Product Prototyper
VR Developer
Aug - Oct, 2020

/0re Context

This is my internship project. Our client is a car company, and we were designing the experience of the future smart car. In order to get more effective feedback in the user test, I developed VR prototypes for our team to test the function under different scenarios.

User testing documentation

/02 Design documentation

Feature | HUD Enhancement

We aimed to improve the safety and suitability of driving by using HUD (Head-Up Display) to provide basic information such as speed and navigation, augmented information, and suggestions in various scenarios.

/03 Scenarios & Details

VR Prototypes for different Scenario

1 - Augmented Blocked Traffic lights

2 - Enhancement Under Bad Weather

3 - A-Pillar Blindspots Pedestrian Monitoring and Warning

4 - Warning of Approaching Vehicle and ADAS Assist Deceleration

/04 Design documentation

Feature | Easy Door Opening/Closing

We aimed to create an easier and safer door opening and closing experience for drivers and passengers by providing diversified door opening and closing methods and modes based on different scenarios.

/05 Scenarios & Details

We designed and prototyped the function under different Scenario in VR

1 - Obstacle detection & Door open angle Restriction

After parking, the car will detect the surrounding environment and obstacles, predict and limit the maximum door opening angle to avoid scratches, and prompt the driver/passenger with lights.

2 - Pop the clutch to close the door

The driver can close all the doors by the unconscious action of stepping on the clutch pedal when starting the vehicle to ensure safety.

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